Gable Style

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Two layers each of treated 2x6 pine for lengths up to and including 22’, 3 layers for 24’-30’, 4 layers for 32’ and over. Double skids are standard on 16'- 18’ widths and on most of our 12'-14' wide also.

Floor Joists

2x4 on 16’ centers for 8’ width, 2x6 on 16” centers for 10’-16’ widths. 2x8 for 18’ widths.


3/4 tongue and grooved plywood

Wall Studs

2x4 on 24” or 16'' (if desired) centers with one dado for 1x2 belt rail

Bottom & Top Plate


Wall Height

82 ½” 8 Ft can be ordered


Shop made trusses engineered on 24' and 48” o.c. – 2x4 for 8’, 10’ & 12’ widths, 2x6 for 14’, 16’, & 18’ widths


40-year warranty 29 gauge painted steel - Barns can be ordered w/ vertical roof-Roofing sheets run the length of the building and extend over each end for 3” to 6”


36”x72”, 36”x76” or 48”x72” blank mobile home-type with key-in-knob lockset Double doors and Roll-up Doors can be ordered


Various Sizes


40-year warranty 29 gauge painted steel – vertical or horizontal


40-year warranty